Orange Fall Tree In Watercolors. Step By Step Painting Tutorial.

Hey friend!

I’m going to be teaching you how easy and simple to paint a fall orange tree. The tree has a simple shape. You can easily master one of the basic watercolor techniques, wet on wet. It’s fun for all skill levels.

I kept painting fall trees. This tree has different shapes and colors but it’s easy to paint. Give it a try.

So let’s dive in!

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 1. Watercolor paper 300 gsm (140lb)
  • 2. Professional watercolor paints. You’ll need these colors for a painting: golden yellow, cadmium orange, burnt sienna, and sepia.
  • 3. Professional brushes. Here you need a size 4 round.
  • 4. Paper tower
  • 5. Clean water

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Here are step-by-step instructions

1. Grab golden yellow and apply it leaving small gaps. This tree has a semiround shape.

2. Grab cadmium orange and apply it as the second layer working with wet and wet technique. Leave some untouched spots at the top of our tree.

3. Load a mix of cadmium orange with burnt sienna into your brush and apply it to the bottom of tree foliage.

4. Grab sepia and paint the tree trunk. Make shadows on the left side.

5. Paint the ground and fallen leaves on it. Add more details to the tree.

That’s all. Happy painting!

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